Sarah Josis is a belgian fashion designer. After graduated from renowned schools in Brussels and Paris, she worked for prestigious brands such as Burberry in London, Joseph and Cerruti in Paris.

Her experience imbues her creations and influences her future use of natural & noble materials such as silk, cotton, cashmere and wool.

In 2013, Sarah decided to create with her partner Martin Ravets, the Studio 53. Formerly used as a warehouse, the Studio 53 has now transformed into an incubator for artists and startups, a place of meetings & events but also, and especially, creations. It is in the Studio 53 that Sarah decided to launch her brand by installing her design office, the production facility and the showroom.



Studio 53 - 53 rue des Carburants, 1190 Brussels, Belgium


Contact us for more informations :

53 rue des Carburants
1190 Brussels

t. +32 (0)476 03 97 74
[email protected]