Where the actors of a society are often powerless in the face of the lack of concrete actions to improve our quality of life, Sarah Josis is committed and has been since the beginning of her career. The designer saw a real opportunity to participate in projects with ecological and responsible values.

The production is carried out in a workshop located in Brussels, Gare du Midi (Mulieris asbl) whose local design dynamics are combined with a reintegration programme in which people who have been unemployed for a very long time are given the opportunity to train within a professional team.


The collaboration with the specialised dyeing workshop “INDIGO BLUE CREATION”, which is entirely eco-responsible, also takes place in Belgium, promoting local work and respecting an eco-responsible cycle.

The overwhelming figures of the average journey of a garment from production to sale sounded an alarm in this collection. The result is a collection that is entirely made in Belgium, with fabrics sourced from Italy, the closest and highest quality destination with a carbon footprint seven times smaller than most brands.


Each fabric used is made from natural or eco-responsible materials. The processes used are entirely natural, avoiding any chemical intervention that is harmful to our environment and well-being.

Where some actors in the fashion world decide to keep only the noble part of the cotton flower, the designer practices zero waste and highlights materials that are too often neglected. Since the beginning of the creation of her brand, Sarah Josis has also worked with recycled fabrics, avoiding waste and allowing the integration of unique materials in her collections.

Sarah Josis proposes unique fabrics and end-of-stock items from exceptional series in order to awaken the consumer to a committed consumption but without making concessions on the style and quality of the garment.

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