Each model in the collection is designed by Sarah Josis to be worn beyond the wedding day. Who has never dreamed of combining elegance and durability?

In an ecological approach and in accordance with an era where every gesture counts, the collection proposes to have your outfit dyed after your wedding so that their history transcends the wedding day.

Depending on the model and the fabric, a selection of colours are made from all-natural dyes, in a responsible process based on plants, vinegar and soap, without fixing products. The materials used are made of natural fibres that perfectly match the natural pigments.


Through extensive research and study of techniques by Sarah Josis, each piece made from different fabrics and adapted to a specific dyeing technique was able to match the ideal colour to complete the garment after the wedding date.

The different colours come from entirely natural pigments, obtained by unique processes developed in Belgium in the specialised workshop “INDIGO BLUE CREATION”, favouring local work and respecting an eco-responsible cycle. In absolute respect of the material during the pigment baths, the heat is controlled so as not to alter the quality of the material. In addition, the details of the garments are also studied in order to support the dyeing.

C pictures by Philippe Desoleil


Three shades are offered. Indigo blue is the intense colour par excellence obtained from the extraction of a leaf fermentation. The luminous yellow is obtained from a herbaceous plant called Gaude. The depth of the unique pink is obtained by extracting a dye from the cochineal.

In order to guarantee an optimal result, the garment must be returned within a week of the wedding and cannot be washed as the solvents used in washing techniques can interfere with the dyeing process. Also, if the customer has made a stain on the garment, she must specify this when sending it back so that special care can be taken during the dyeing process. The fabric contains a PH which must be respected for a perfect result.

It only takes twenty working days to receive the dyed piece.

pictures by Philippe Desoleil

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